A book used with great success by Pauline Durham who beat diabetes and turned her health around. Her doctor says she is an inspiration to other sufferers

Charles Eugster, 97yr old world record holder, has a fantastic outlook on life and will help you think differently about ageing, retirement, diet and fitness

Mary Wingo sees stress as the mechanism for human adaption and helps us understand the true causes and costs of preventable human stress

Regular mindfulness practice can not only change the biochemistry of our body, but also change the brain structurally - a great book to get you started

As you learn to control your stress, eliminate unnecessary worry, and relax in daily life, you will have more energy, become more efficient, more effective and your levels of happiness will go through the roof

Patrick Waller provides a basic understanding of the way investments and the financial services works so we are not bamboozled by terminology, enabling us to make our own informed choices 

Sue Firth provides a fascinating insight into what stress is; signs & symptoms to look for, with a comprehensive range of solutions to reduce symptoms in order to make them manageable

Corbie Mitleid accompanies us on a journey of how to “get clear” on your purpose and relationships, to simplify your life, learn the delights of going with the flow, and actually make friends with Stress 

All of the sources and resources shown are helpful in building resilience and are brought together in one place for you to consider when developing your health, wealth, wisdom and happiness.